A place to hang out with strangers of similar interests. Bungee is a present era convo, networking space put-together for all from various walks of life to share and grow from ideologies.
Putting together a session complete with sharing thoughts, exchanging ideas and expanding network of support with the ones met never before, stretching beyond your comfort zone engaging in creative session, experiencing art, culture,ideation,thought building,think tank sessions and solving obstacles together.
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Created with abundance of thoughts, fervour and uniqueness.


Why you should be Bungeeing

I session =XII causatum’s

Discover dot Decide dot Do

meet people who stretched their comfort zone.>

Looking back, around mid of 2019 though a simple conversation it gave us deep insight of what was common to all of us, we wanted to have our very own platform to get to meet people for real amidst the growing favorism to the socio cult following, to discuss anything at random that could give either and all of us a deeper understanding and a bond like none other. This point of discussion is where we could establish “Bungee” our own place, peepz. Its been quite a wonderful journey from how we started to how we could leave a footprint everywhere we made our territory. Its been a while and a learning curve that made us look deeper and reach out to more likeminded souls who were willing to look beyond and was wanting to make a space for themselves. It turned out to be a WIN-WIN for all. The kind of one that left us with immense joy and more hands to hold and grow into what “Bungee” is today. An event that was a random call of nature, bringing us together is now turning into a will of nature that is growing taller to have its own demarcations marked.

A little insight into what “Bungee” today, it’s a set spot at latitude 13.033917 and longitude 80.261898 where we started of on day one as a meet-up of us to see if we can reach out to as many a bunch of go getters to build a rapport where we shall have access to unlimited human interface – a factor that is getting less focus owing to varied factors of automation and bots interface but can never be discounted for this is one connect that can pull all other factors to place. With our thought set straight, our actions kick started in our minds and an orderly act of togetherness we set forward to grow into an organization that would be a link between people “who want to do and people who are already doing” - Being individualistic, creating their own brands and setting foot to create an experience to follow.